April 1, 2023
LÖSEV supports cancer patients LÖSEV supports cancer patients

LÖSEV supports cancer patients

Red meat, the most important food that strengthens immunity in the treatment of leukemia and cancer, reaches the tables of patients with LÖSEV. Thanks to the high protein it contains, fresh red meat, which supports the healing process of patients, increases body resistance and increases the success rate in treatment.

BURSA (İGFA) – LÖSEV Children with Leukemia Health and Education Foundation, children with leukemia, adults It supports cancer patients and their families in need with financial aid as well as food aid. LÖSEV, which performs the sacrifices of charitable donors by proxy during the Eid al-Adha, continues to deliver fresh, red meat to patients regularly throughout the year. The body resistance of cancer patients fed with red meat increases and the success rates in treatment are increasing.

LÖSEV, who came together with leukemia and cancer patients in Bursa and delivered their fresh red meat packages to their families, said in a statement in the South Marmara Foundation, He informed that the number of patients is increasing day by day, that there are more cancer patients and that these patients can benefit from all the assistance and support by registering with LÖSEV. LOSEV Social Services officials cancer patients from all over Turkey by calling 0660 0312 447 number phone said they would subscribe to LÖSEV. Patients and their families conveyed their prayers to all philanthropists, donors and volunteers who supported LÖSEV and thanked them for not leaving them alone and connecting them to life.

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