April 2, 2023
LÖSEV is always with you in difficult times LÖSEV is always with you in difficult times

LÖSEV is always with you in difficult times

The Foundation for Children with Leukemia (LÖSEV), which has been with the public at the most difficult times for 22 years, gave the message “You are not alone” in its call for those diagnosed with leukemia and cancer.

BURSA (IGFA) – LÖSEV, which provides financial and moral support to children and adults with leukemia and other cancer diagnoses and supports families, invited them to solidarity to overcome difficult days as a unity.

Stating that the most important support in the treatment of the disease is morale, LÖSEV said that they always stand by their registered patients with social and psychological support, and that they do not leave children and their families alone in terms of education. LÖSEV, which supported patients and their families in everything from dry food to red meat products, from clothing to hygiene products, as well as treatment scholarships and educational scholarships, has been fighting against the difficulties experienced by children with leukemia in the first years of its establishment, and in recent years, it has provided financial and moral support to all adult cancer patients. were.

Those who want to get support from LÖSEV who called “You are not alone” can apply by going to Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Adana, Antalya, Kayseri, Eskişehir and Samsun offices or by calling 0312 447 0660. reported.

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