May 31, 2023
Listens to the world brotherhood message from Mardin Listens to the world brotherhood message from Mardin

Listens to the world brotherhood message from Mardin

In Mardin, the minarets of the mosque and the bell tower of the church salute each other. The buildings representing the shrines of different religions in the city reflect the brotherhood of stone and faith to mosques and churches. The brotherhood of stone and faith continues in Mardin for centuries.

Şehmus EDİS (Mardin News)

Muslim, Syriac, Yakubi, Chaldean, Nestorian, Yazidi, Jew, Kurd Communities of different religious and ethnic backgrounds such as Arab, Chechen, and Armenian live together with “natural social tolerance” and reconciliation, “in peace and brotherhood”. Mardin, on the other hand, creates a peaceful synthesis of different cultural structures because of these features.

In the urban texture where mosques, churches and madrasahs are adjacent, the sound of a church bell mixed with the sound of the call to prayer at different times, people of different religions and languages ​​have been the same it shares the street, the neighborhood and the table. The works that have survived for thousands of centuries in Mardin, where the brotherhood of cultures, religions and languages ​​has grown, nurtured and developed each other for 7 thousand years, stand firmly as if they witnessed the witness of history.

Mardin, which hosts 30 civilizations. Continuing to be a city of peace, brotherhood and tolerance, Mardin has managed to accommodate members of 5 different religions and 7 languages, namely Kurdish, Turkish, Arab, Syriac, Christian, Yazidi, Jewish, Armenian, under the same roof for centuries. {2nd}

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