April 2, 2023
Landscape beauty in Bursa Gürsu Landscape beauty in Bursa Gürsu

Landscape beauty in Bursa Gürsu

Bursa’s Gürsu Municipality adorns the streets with green tones with landscape works.

BURSA (İGFA) – Within the scope of the works carried out by the Park and Gardens teams of the Gürsu Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs, the streets of the district are green and Emphasizing that Bursa wants to integrate with the peace of green rather than the coldness of gray tones, Gürsu Mayor Mustafa Işık said, “We are working to make our citizens feel the freshness of green in every corner of our district. Together, on our streets, we decorate our Gürs for the next good days when we will freely enjoy the sun and nature. We realize our services in order to ensure the development of our district in every field with a contemporary urbanization identity ”.

With the landscaping works done by the teams, primarily the main streets of Gürsu, the showcase of the district is decorated with the colors of nature.

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