September 27, 2023
Kocaeli sets a trade target of $ 1 billion in Tajikistan Kocaeli sets a trade target of $ 1 billion in Tajikistan

Kocaeli sets a trade target of $ 1 billion in Tajikistan

Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce Chairman Necmi Bulut, who hosted the Ambassador of Tajikistan and his delegation, set a trade target of billion dollars in Tajikistan.

KOCAELİ (İGFA) – Kocaeli Commerce, hosting the Ambassador of Tajikistan and his delegation. Chamber (KOTO) Chairman Necmi Bulut said that the pandemic cannot prevent further trade with Tajikistan. “If the pandemic is over, we want to bring the business people of the two countries face-to-face, if not online, at the trade table,” said President Bulut, and said that the members are looking for safe ports so that they do not affect their exports more.

KOTO Management hosted Tajikistan Ambassador Mahmadali Rajabiyon, Tajikistan Consul General to Istanbul Murod Saidzoda, Tajikistan Embassy Undersecretary Parviz Sodiqi and DEİK Tajikistan Turkish Council President Cihangir Saatçioğlu, and business relations of business people to Tajikistan were discussed. Reminding the 1 billion dollar trade target announced by the President of the two countries, President Bulut noted that they are ready to do all the necessary work as KOTO.

Mahmadal Ambassador of Tajikistan in Rajabiyo, Tajikistan, Pakistan, India and Iran, although most exports to neighboring gave important information about the country’s economy by expressing what they did with Turkey. During the meeting, worked on by the Ministry of Industry of the two countries, Turkey’s to mentoring conducted cluster studies in Tajikistan, Tax, Customs, incentive mechanisms, visa policy that Tajikistan apply to citizens of Turkey, the sector pairings, Tajikistan chemicals, cleaning materials and aluminum their demands in priority sectors were discussed. {2nd}

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