September 27, 2023
Kilis Private Meltem School received “My School is Clean Certificate” Kilis Private Meltem School received "My School is Clean Certificate"

Kilis Private Meltem School received “My School is Clean Certificate”

The “Clean My School Certificate”, which was given to private schools in Kilis with the approval of the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), was first given to Private Meltem and Primary and Secondary Schools, which have been serving for 25 years.

KİLİS (İGFA) – Kilis Provincial Director of National Education Mehmet Emin Akkurt accepted Private Meltem Primary and Secondary School Principal Süleyman Kadir Olgaç in his office and presented the “My School Clean Certificate”.

Stating that they care about the health of children, the School Principal stated that they do their best. Olgaç said that they are proud to receive this document as the first private school in Kilis. Hoping that schools will start face-to-face education as soon as possible, Olgaç said, “Thanks to the planning they made without putting anyone at risk, but without putting education in the background, we ensured that students receive an education online. In this context; I would like to thank both the school administration, teachers and parents. ”
With the resumption of face-to-face education in schools in March, Private Meltem School, thanks to its trained and talented staff, the achievements of our students They will continue to play a big role in their acquisition. As the success rate of our students increases day by day, we once again show us that there are no obstacles to education and learning, and I would like to thank everyone, especially our teachers, who contributed to this success. he spoke.

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