December 5, 2023
Kayseri tells the future ‘history’ Kayseri tells the future 'history'

Kayseri tells the future ‘history’

In Kayseri, Melikgazi Municipality collaborates with the Ministry of Culture during the restriction days and transfers the history to the future through social media accounts.

KAYSERİ (İGFA) – A good work has begun for young people and children to enjoy watching at their homes. Melikgazi Mayor Dr. Mustafa Palancıoğlu started to have animated movies depicting important figures of history during the pandemic process on his social media accounts. President Dr. Palancıoğlu noted that they have collaborated with the Ministry of Culture and transferred the history to the current generation. “We told many important personalities from Fatih to Nizamülmülk, from Mevlana to Mimar Sinan in this documentary-animation style production,” said Dr. Palancıoğlu said, “Our people also loved the animations we posted on our social media and Youtube accounts. It was a good work for our young people not to forget their ancestors or to learn about their past. I hope the continuation of these works will come. ” he said.

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