December 5, 2023
Investment move from SİİRT TSO Investment move from SİİRT TSO

Investment move from SİİRT TSO

Investments in Siirt Organized Industrial Zone, which will be the lifeblood of the city and regional economy with the added value it will create as a result of the initiatives of the Siirt Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has started to accelerate day by day.

SİİRT (İGFA) – Siirt Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STSO) Chairman Güven Kuzu stated that they want Siirt to be a producing city and that no unemployed people stay in the city.

Stating that they will continue the struggle until the economic structure rises to a higher level than the neighboring provinces, Kuzu said, “Necessary works are being carried out to fill Siirt OIZ in order to increase employment in our region. Everyone will win when Siirt becomes a producing city. We have started to reap the positive results of the initiatives we started to provide new investment opportunities. The groundbreaking of the new production facilities to be established in the near future will take place. We will share such good developments with the valuable Siirt public altogether. We will continue to do our part for our city and our country, with the awareness of our responsibility, as before. I hope we will move our city to higher levels under the leadership of our Dear Governor ”.

Business people, who were persuaded to invest in the OIZ with the instructions of President Kuzu, visited Siirt Governor Osman Hacıbektaşoğlu together with Siirt TSO Deputy Chairman Fuat Özgür Çalapkulu and Vice President A. Kadir Demirhan. They talked for a while by informing Governor Hacıbektaşoğlu about their investments.

Governor / Deputy Mayor Osman Hacıbektaşoğlu expressed his satisfaction with the visit and mentioned that OIZs are very important for the economy of the provinces. All kinds of support will be provided to all investors who want to invest in the Organized Industrial Zone. ”

Governor Hacıbektaşoğlu said to the Chairman of Siirt TSO Güven Kuzu, who pioneered the investment move in our city and made great efforts to persuade our businessmen, and business people. thanked them for their investments and visits.

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