December 5, 2023
Intense interest in organic and vegan cosmetics Intense interest in organic and vegan cosmetics

Intense interest in organic and vegan cosmetics

While the short film, which drew attention to torture on animals, was shaking in social media, cosmetologists said that vegan and organic products were in higher demand.

BURSA (İGFA) – The short film Save Ralph, which draws attention to the torture he inflicted, has become one of the most talked about topics in social media recently. Drawing attention to the brutal experiments on animals, the film once again brought to the fore the necessity of choosing vegan and non-tested products on animals, whose importance has increased in recent years. Consumers want organic products that are respectful to human and environmental health to have more places in the market. In this sense, the fact that the cosmetic brands to be preferred is certified and not tested on animals started to be among the priorities of consumers.


Making explanations about the vegan and animal tests, Laber Organic General Manager Levent Kahrıman said, “A cosmetic product that is vegan does not contain any animal or animal derived input. If there are ingredients such as honey, beeswax, lanolin, collagen, albumin, carmine, gelatin, it would not be correct to claim that the relevant product is vegan. For this reason, plant-based alternatives to collagen and gelatin have begun to be produced today. Now, we will see these alternative products more frequently in product ingredients. ”

Kahrıman said,“ Instead of testing on animals to develop new, untested ingredients in cosmetic products and to evaluate their safety, they have a history of safe use and do not require any additional tests. Innovative products can be created using thousands of existing ingredients. ”

Levent Kahrıman“ Many of us think that when we see the phrase “vegan”, that product has not been tested on animals. However, vegan products may be tested on animals. So Consumers; PETA can follow the lists regularly published by organizations such as Cruelty Free International. ”


When purchasing products with the organic phrase, consumers should look at their certificate. Kahrıman, which draws attention, “People can mix natural and organic products together. At this point, organic cosmetics comes across as safe cosmetics. In order to write a product as organic, it must be produced with organic farming and certified. In addition, while natural products can be natural with 0.1 percent herbal ingredients, organic cosmetics must be obtained by certified organic farming and have 20 percent herbal content in order to be certified.

Kahrıman, ” In recent years, organic cosmetics has become increasingly common in the world and in our country. People now tend to think of others and use products that do not harm the planet, nature, humanity, animals and plants. These trends are more common in generations Y and Z. ”


Noting that animal testing for cosmetics is officially banned in 40 countries. “China requires that all cosmetic products be tested on animals. However, the cosmetics legislation changed to eliminate some of these requirements. In 2014, China allowed companies producing “ordinary” cosmetics (such as shampoo or mascara) domestically to avoid animal testing for their products, while still requiring animal testing for imported products. In 2021, it also changed its regulations to allow some companies to import normal cosmetic products into the country without the need for animal testing.

The ban on selling cosmetic products came into effect in 2013. India, Israel, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland have passed similar laws. California, Illinois and Nevada, as well as Australia, Colombia, Guatemala, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey and Brazil in some states in banning animal testing for cosmetics or passed laws that limit. Therefore, cosmetic companies that conduct animal testing in the United States and abroad cannot sell their products in these countries unless they change their practices ”.

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