April 2, 2023
Inflation interpretation from BUSİAD Inflation interpretation from BUSİAD

Inflation interpretation from BUSİAD

Bursa Industrialists and Business People Association (BUSİAD) Chairman Ergun Hadi Türkay said that the price increase should be within predictable and reasonable limits for the stable continuation of the economy and said, “Structural steps must be taken for this.”

{ 3} BURSA (İGFA) – BUSİAD President Ergun Hadi Türkay stated that it is not surprising that the monthly inflation is 1.68 and the annual inflation is 14.97, and that stability can be achieved more easily by taking emergency measures to reduce fever as well as structural measures.

While emphasizing that foreigners who will come to invest in addition to citizens should believe in the rule of law wholeheartedly, we support the steps to be taken in this sense. Believing that the most important capital is people, we also believe that a long-term program should be made in education. We think good education comes from free thinking and rationality. In addition, we should realize the dream of an economical and free country that will prevent well-educated people from going abroad. ”


President of BUSIAD emphasized that austerity measures should be implemented in the public sector. “We should act with the awareness that the authorities are not personal. In addition, large investments should be suspended for a while. The decisions of the Central Bank, which are welcomed by the economic circles, should also be supported by the public. The public should also support the Central Bank, which strives for price stability, with the hikes it makes. Increases far above inflation do not benefit this struggle. Small tradesmen should be supported as in Germany. They give 75 percent of the turnover of small tradesmen a year ago as a grant. It should be applied similarly to us. “How the falling snow and rain will affect the agricultural yield should be determined and measures should be taken accordingly.”

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