April 1, 2023
İnegölspor caught Afyon’s eyes İnegölspor caught Afyon's eyes

İnegölspor caught Afyon’s eyes

Preparations continue for İnegölspor, who will face Afjet Afyonspor on Thursday, March 4th. Coach Özgür Şahin said that he has no reservations about the opponent.

BURSA (İGFA) – Misli.com İnegölspor, who competes in the White Group in the 2nd League, is in the 26th week of the league. He continued his preparations for the Afjet Afyonspor match, which he will face at 14:00 on Thursday, March 4, with his work in the club facilities.

Making a statement after the training, Coach Özgür Şahin said that they were prepared for the Afyon match in the best possible way. Emphasizing that he believes that they will get points or points from the away, Şahin said, “It is an assertive team for the Play-Off that makes transfers as of the second half in Afyon. They play effectively and have effective players, but it is important how we react on the court. We have no reservations about the competitor. Samet, who was suspended, and Mehmet Özdıraz, whom we transferred from Afjet Afyonspor during the half-time period, will not be able to play in the match due to the agreement. Ahmet Hakan Şahin’s injury continues. ”

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