December 6, 2023
Industrialists from Mardin ‘met with the people’ Industrialists from Mardin 'met with the people'

Industrialists from Mardin ‘met with the people’

Mardin industrialists operating in the Organized Industrial Zone, Turkey People’s Bank Chairman Recep Suleyman told Özdil problems.

Mardin (IGF A) – Turkey People’s Bank Chairman of the Board Recep Süleyman Özdil listened to the current, general and regional economic problems and loan support requests of the industrialists while visiting the Enterprising Committee of the Organized Industrial Zone in Mardin.

Deputy Chairman of Mardin Organized Industrial Zone A. Nasır Duyan, Halk Bankası Board of Directors President expressed his satisfaction with the visits of the Regional and Provincial managers to the Organized Industrial Zone. Saying that Recep Süleyman Özdil comes to the region, evaluating the problems on the spot and listening to the problems of the industrialist by the most competent person, it is extremely important, and that the problems will be solved faster and more effectively, Duyan, in the same way, the senior executives of other banks in Mardin and Mardin Organize Sanayi

Noting that they have made a loan request for the Lowering Transformer Center, whose tender was made, A. Nasır Duyan said, “Halk Bank has to support the infrastructure of the OIZ. We requested a low-interest loan to be used in the construction of the Lowering Substation. For the loan requests of our OIZ and industrialists, we asked Halk Bank’s Regional Manager and Branch Managers to increase their credit limits and to speed up the time periods. ”

OIZ Vice President Duyan concluded his words as follows:“ Expert value of the collaterals requested from the industrialists in our region is very low. determination of loans based on their real value, opening limits according to the turnover and export figures of each company, also opening limits to companies with good credibility in addition to the financial guarantee against the signatures of company partners and officials, determining credit limits primarily for companies, direct loans from limits as collaterals as guarantees are brought. We asked Özdil’s support to ensure that the entire region and our industrialists were not placed on the same level due to the difficulties in making loans and loan repayments.

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