September 24, 2023
Hundreds of women had a profession in Mardin Artuklu Hundreds of women had a profession in Mardin Artuklu

Hundreds of women had a profession in Mardin Artuklu

One thousand 100 women gained professions in 4 years in vocational training courses opened by Mardin Artuklu Municipality in provinces and districts.

MARDİN (İGFA) – President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s wife Emine Women and young girls who attend the courses, in which the ‘Zero Waste Project’ initiated by Erdogan is also implemented, produce ornaments from waste materials such as egg parcels.

Artuklu Municipality continues to work sensitively to the problems of the district. In this context, the Municipality attaches importance to social projects, and carries out important activities especially for disadvantaged groups. The Municipality, which opened courses in 5 neighborhood mansions for women to gain professional gains, also accelerated the ARMEK project. The work will be done in an institutional atmosphere for women to gain professional gain.

Mayor Abdülkadir Tutaşı, who gave information about the project, said that one thousand 100 women who received training in various courses opened within the municipality for women in the district to obtain employment and professions have professions. Stating that the demands for the course centers they opened in 4 neighborhoods are increasing day by day, Mayor Tutaşı stated that they continue to work to open new courses and said, “We attach importance to the courses in our neighborhoods. We currently have 4 neighborhood courses available. We see this number less. We want to increase even more. Because there is demand. As far as we can, we will increase them as much as possible. We are ready to do our best to encourage the work more in courses that provide training in many areas such as handicraft, filigree, glasswork, and hairdressing. ”

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