May 29, 2023
HSBC Turkey ‘to support start-ups producing solution Climate Action’ for HSBC Turkey 'to support start-ups producing solution Climate Action' for

HSBC Turkey ‘to support start-ups producing solution Climate Action’ for

HSBC Turkey has launched a ‘Sustainable Growth Program’ under this year, the United Nations on Sustainable Development Goals’ will be supported start-up companies are engaged in efforts to climate action.

HSBC Turkey’s sustainable The “Sustainable Growth Program”, which was launched last year for start-ups that provide social benefits to contribute to development and growth, continues. This year, WWF-Turkey (World Wildlife Foundation) and Hackquarters program conducted with the cooperation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals will support the start-up producing solutions and technologies covered by Climate Action. 5 start-ups under the Program 6 will be included in the monthly acceleration program.

with the program ‘promotion of technologies and solutions for climate action, sustainable grow the business models of social benefit-oriented start-ups and Turkey Start- It aims to support building a strong ecosystem of up companies, entrepreneurs, mentors and investors.

stated that they will support the start-up company that produces the program with solutions to combat climate change HSBC Turkey Corporate Communications Group President Pinar Turkey is Fadıllıoğlu, “combating climate change and its effects, require new and be offered radical solutions to increase the speed of change in the world. The days without rain, the rapid decrease in the water level in the dams and the drying up in the lakes reveal the negative effects of climate change in our country, and reveal the importance of fast and effective actions to combat climate change. With the ‘Sustainable Growth Program’, which we have realized for the second time this year, we aim to support the technologies and solutions for combating climate change, while also aiming for start-ups to expand their effects in terms of their benefits and grow sustainable business models.

Stating that they prioritize sustainability projects that are and entrepreneurship, Fadıllıoğlu said, “For a sustainable future, we believe in the importance of economic growth as well as equal opportunity in education, supporting the growth of sustainable business models in the field of entrepreneurship, providing the necessary financing and investment for the transformation to a low-carbon economy in the environmental field, as well as developing environmental awareness. . In this context, we will continue to provide funds from our local and global resources for sustainability projects focusing on education, environment and entrepreneurship, and to support these projects with the voluntary participation of our employees. ”


Program 5 start-up companies eligible to participate in the program in areas such as business model, product development, marketing, investor relations, business development, communication strategies, branding, design, patent, law and graphic design. It will support continuously for 6 months. When start-ups graduate from the program, they will have received a comprehensive training in prototyping and product launch, creating a global impact, networking, growth and sales. You can apply for the program from until February 8, 2021.

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