April 1, 2023
Horseshoe women wanted and succeeded Horseshoe women wanted and succeeded

Horseshoe women wanted and succeeded

Established by the initiative of 19 women in the Atça District of Aydın’s Sultanhisar district, S.S. Efeler Diyarı Women’s Enterprise Production and Management Cooperative opened a facility where it will exhibit and sell its products. Stating that the facility opened on Aydın-Denizli State Highway will reflect the power of women, Cooperative President Müjgan Yıldırımkaya said, “Women wanted and did it, and we will continue to do so.”

About Aydın The SS, an income gateway for 2,000 women, founded by 19 women about a year ago Efeler Diyarı Women’s Initiative Production and Management Cooperative has attracted great attention when it started selling at Halk Ege Meat Branches in cooperation with Aydın Metropolitan Municipality. Within the scope of the cooperative’s efforts to increase its brand awareness, Atça Mahallesi Kümealtı houses in Sultanhisar were opened with a ceremony at the state roadside Mola Fuel Station. Aydın Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Özlem Framioğlu, Sultanhisar Mayor Osman Yıldırımkaya, Nazilli Chamber of Commerce Chairman Nuri Arslan, CHP Aydın Provincial Chairman Ali Çankır, CHP Aydın Provincial Women’s Branch Chairman Ayşe Özdemir, Izmir Village-Coop President Neptün Soyer, representatives of political parties and many guests attended.


Participating in the opening of the cooperative’s recreational facility SS thanking everyone Müjgan Yıldırımkaya, Head of Efeler Diyarı Women’s Initiative Production and Management Cooperative; “Our high-heeled Efe, our metropolitan mayor, our pride, Özlem Framioğlu, whose heart and wrist is Efe, who encourages us with our presence at our side and behind us, and who provides the point we have reached on this road we started about 1 year ago, Our dear wife, Sultanhisar Mayor Osman Yıldırımkaya and our municipal councilors, the devoted staff of Sultanhisar Municipality, as well as all members and nearly 2 thousand suppliers who work devotedly at every stage of production from field to table, are always our idols.


Invitation to women from Aydın to work in cooperation with them. Yildirimkaya; “We, as the women of the Republic, are our country of paradise, which is the most beautiful earth under the sky, in the footsteps of our Ata, to keep the traditional local culture of our Aydın alive, to create a bridge from the past to the future, to make our women come to the place they deserve in social life as productive and independent individuals and take them out of social aid queues. We aim to ensure their economic freedom. We invite all women with heart Efe who want to walk with us on this path to work with us. The woman wanted and did it, and we will continue to do so. ” she said.


The Mayor of Sultanhisar thanked the women entrepreneurs, especially his wife Müjgan Yıldırımkaya, who is the President of the Cooperative and said that he will always support women Osman Yıldırımkaya said, “We are trying to reach our goal by successfully doing our best on this sacred road that we started 1 year ago. Sultanhisar district is one of the distinguished districts of our Aydın . Especially in terms of agriculture, we are one of the districts that do not have any products that we cannot produce except tea. You know, Özlem President gives great support to Aydın agriculture by cultivating the seeds he collected from our villages at the point of ancestral seed. Again, my Neptune President, a few months ago they sent us about 20 kg of blackberry wheat seeds. We planted those charcoal seeds in our garden. Currently about 40 cm in size. Hopefully, we will ensure that the seeds of the Karakilcik will spread to our Aydın by lighting a torch in Sultanhisar, just like our Özlem president did. We will get 500-600 kilograms. We will contribute to the economy of Aydın, especially our farmers, and will be a source of income for our cooperative by making 20 tons or even 50 tons by increasing this tens of times every year. I want to thank all participants endlessly. I hope our cooperative’s way is clear. ”


Organized in Izmir in the 1960s, women and men worked together in the field, but at the same time he Reminding that he is the head of the upper union roof of the rural development cooperative established by the laborer women and men of development in small rural areas, İzmir Village-Coop President Neptün Soyer said, “As my president Müjgan says, women can do it if they want. There has never been a woman president since its establishment. Union means the roof of all development cooperatives. We have over 20 thousand producer partners in Izmir. Therefore, we do our work in the field, in the speech-taking mechanisms, together with men and women, under the philosophy and leadership of gender equality. I am proudly trying to push forward the flag I received as president of this union. We want to be in solidarity with the women working on this path as much as we can grow in our region. Because the first rule of cooperatives is volunteering and solidarity. We promise to be with you as much as we can. “We are with you from the field to the table and we hold your hand.”


Reminding that 50 percent of Aydın’s economy is based on agriculture, Aydın Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Özlem Framioğlu also said; “When we talk about agriculture, the water flows in Aydın, and we especially support Women’s Cooperatives today as it was yesterday. 19 big-hearted women came to this day with the support of our İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer’s wife, Neptün Soyer. Today, we are opening the facility of the cooperative with the support of 2000 women to those 19 women. Thank you for everyone’s labor and good health. ”


On the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the Turkish Civil Code, the Great Leader Gazi Mustafa Kemal Stating that he once again expressed his gratitude to Atatürk; “Equality of women and men is very important to us. I would like to express my sorrow on this matter. We stated that we wanted to make an abstract sculpture symbolizing the equality of men and women in Aydın Metropolitan Municipality Council. Unfortunately, AKP Metropolitan Council members voted against this proposal. I ask, why do you feel uncomfortable when the equality of men and women is symbolized by an abstract sculpture at certain points of Aydın? You are afraid of women, you are afraid of women’s power. The sparks of that great struggle were burned in these lands. We had a great struggle with men and women at the front and behind the front. We gave it yesterday, we give it today, and we will continue to give it. ”

After the speeches, Cooperative President Müjgan Yıldırımkaya and the guests cut the opening ribbon of the facility together and made observations. It was stated that in the facility where framioğlu and Soyer examined handcrafts and local products one by one, besides the handicrafts of women, the books of local authors and souvenirs depicting the region will also take place in the stands. Mayor Yıldırımkaya stated that he expected women to the facility and its cooperatives for the facility to grow.

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