April 1, 2023
Historical Bent Bath will disappear from indifference (SPECIAL NEWS) Historical Bent Bath will disappear from indifference (SPECIAL NEWS)

Historical Bent Bath will disappear from indifference (SPECIAL NEWS)

The state of Bent Bath, the legacy of Ferahşad Bey in Akkoyunlu, is deplorable… The state of many historical artifacts in Bayburt, which is known as a city where historical places are about to disappear due to neglect, are not different from others.

Ferahşad Bey Bent Bath, which is the legacy of Turkey, has not been used for 32 years. The Bent Bath, which was abandoned to its fate like the Galer (Nurlan) Bath, continues to reveal the destruction of the past.

The Bent Bath, which stopped its activities in 1988, a year before Bayburt became a province, is not used today. Taraihi hamam, which has not been used for 32 years, is waiting to be restored.

The historical bath, which is the legacy of Ferahşad Bey of Akkoyun, was excluded from the recent restoration decision taken for the mosque and madrasah in Gökçedere. Although the foundations have restored many baths in the region in the past period, they do not see the Bent Bath, just like the Galer Bath.

Murat Okutmuş / Bayburt Post
Mustafa Akyüz (64), who closely witnessed the history of the historical Bent Bath; He said that it was run by Atilla Öktem, Hacı Şadan Çalışkan and Ali İrkilmez and that it has a special architecture.

Akyüz stated that after Bayburt became a province, he expected very much for the restoration of the historical bathhouse, and the indifference shown to the ancestral heritage was sad.

Expressing that he feels that the bathhouse comes out a little less after the winter months every year, Akyüz said, “Snow and rain waters destroy the bath more every year. This historical bath must be saved before it disappears. It’s a pity, how many historical baths we already have. When we got up, there was the Şengük Bath around the Şair Zihni School, but it disappeared. They should rescue the Bari Bent and Galer baths. ”

On the other hand, the citizens, who rebelled against the fact that the historical monument, which attracts attention with its ugly appearance because it is in the center of the city, is now waiting for the attention of the authorities.


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