September 27, 2023
Highways turn green with saplings Highways turn green with saplings

Highways turn green with saplings

Forestry General Directorate of Turkey applied throughout the “Roadside landscaping Action Plan” road reforestation activities in the frame rate continues unabated.

BURSA (IGF A) – Road to greener and aesthetic appearance; its one hand, biodiversity Making a statement about the afforestation works aimed at increasing and reducing erosion, Forestry General Manager Bekir Karacabey said that in 2020, they planted 420 thousand saplings on the 346 km roadside. Within the scope of the ‘Roadside Afforestation Action Plan’ initiated in the past years, the Kayseri-Erciyes-Develi highway in Kayseri in 2020, Scotch Pine, Birch, Spruce, Maple, Leylandi, Medlar, Acacia, Cedar, Blue Cypress, Ornamental Plum, Aspen Karacabey noted that a total of 163 thousand saplings consisting of Fire Thorn species were planted on the 43 km road on the border of Yozgat-Sekili-Kırıkkale and 11 km of the ring road of Çekerek district in Cedar, Blue Spruce, Acacia, Mahalep, Ornamental Plum and Maple trees. Approximately 75 thousand saplings met with the soil. “Increasing biodiversity is ensured with highway afforestation by adding a green texture to the road route, while at the same time reducing erosion on the slopes on both sides of the road and providing a nice reactive appearance to the road slopes.”

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