May 31, 2023
“High interest” message from BTSO President to banks "High interest" message from BTSO President to banks

“High interest” message from BTSO President to banks

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) President İbrahim Burkay said that banks should take responsibility in this process regarding high interest rates.

BURSA (İGFA) – Bursa Commerce and Industry Chamber (BTSO) held the first assembly meeting of 2021 online. Chairman Burkay said that while the coronavirus epidemic caused severe damage in many areas, especially in health and economy, it created radical changes in business models. Bursa work facing the need for the digital economy in the world as well as in projects for the technological transformation, eight years ago, the BCCI council supports and urban dynamics of the common mind that they have started mobilizing representing President Burkay, “Turkey’s high-tech first organized industrial zone rising from TEKNOSAB Bursa. GUHEM, Europe’s most comprehensive space, aviation and education center, serves in Bursa as a reflection of our country’s space and aviation vision. Incorporating new generation R&D and excellence centers, BUTEKOM contributes to the value-added production targets of Bursa’s economy with over 220 tests at international standards for our different sectors. ”


Mayor Burkay, who stated that they act with a vision that plans the future, not saving the day with more than 40 exemplary projects as BTSO. He said, “I wish Smartexpo, which supports our companies in their export journeys with its integrated structure with three-dimensional virtual fairs with its software open to development, virtual showrooms open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, and e-commerce.”


“The high interest rate environment continues to be the biggest obstacle to production and investment.” President Burkay emphasized that the most important expectation of the real sector is the conditions regarding investment climate with single digit inflation and low interest rates. Stating that they expect private banks to take responsibility for production and employment instead of high profitability, President Burkay said, “I believe that we will focus on our targets again with the production economy in the forefront in a period when the supply chain is changing rapidly and new balances are established and price stability and interest rates strengthen the investment climate.


In order to enable businesses such as restaurants, restaurants, patisseries to recover quickly, food and beverage Stating that they believe that it would be beneficial to allow the drinking activities again, Chairman Burkay said, “We shared our demands on this issue with the public in line with the work of our Service and Trade Council. The taxes of some of our businesses, whose activities have stopped due to Covid-19, have been delayed. We expect all businesses with restricted activities, particularly restaurants and restaurants, to be included in this scope. We are going through a period that deeply affects social and economic life. In this process, the supports offered to our real sector are of critical importance. ”

BTSO Assembly President Ali Uğur stated that the coronavirus epidemic that started in March affected all sectors seriously and said that the most important factor that will shape this year in the economy will be vaccines prepared against the virus. {2nd}

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