May 31, 2023
Health talks started with disabled individuals in Kocaeli Health talks started with disabled individuals in Kocaeli

Health talks started with disabled individuals in Kocaeli

An online conversation program for disabled individuals was organized by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Issues related to the medical products used by the disabled were discussed in the program.

KOCAELİ (İGFA) – by the Disabled and Elderly Services Branch Directorate of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Health and Social Services Department. The first of a series of talks titled “Health Talks on Disability” was held. The program was carried out with the participation of the association members of the physical, visual, auditory, mental, down, autism, mental and chronic disability groups and Sevda Demiröz Yıldırım, an Amasya University lecturer. Dr. Hakan Candangil was also the guest of the program.


Access of the disabled to medical products, prescription, invoicing of products, etc. Dr. The program to which Hakan Candangil was answered was carried out online. In the program; Issues such as access to medical supplies, invoicing, prescription, how the reports should be on medical supplies, where they should be taken from, embezzlement situations, warranty periods were discussed. In the interview emphasizing that Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is in contact with SGK about medical supplies, it was reminded that the Metropolitan Municipality continues to support the citizens who want to provide consultancy services.

In the program series that will continue during the month of Ramadan, which is planned as a health month, in the following weeks; It was planned to address issues such as nutrition, physical therapy, home health, and mental health.

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