December 5, 2023
He kept a ‘frost’ fit with the producers in Muğla greenhouses He kept a 'frost' fit with the producers in Muğla greenhouses

He kept a ‘frost’ fit with the producers in Muğla greenhouses

Turgay Öztürk, Head of the AK Party Fethiye District, did not leave the producers who started their frost spree with the cold weather. Mayor Öztürk, who visited exactly 6 greenhouses in the region and kept a frost attack with the producers, both listened to the problems and gave good news to the farmers.


AK in Muğla Party Fethiye District President Turgay Öztürk visited the producers in Fethiye, who started a “frost” watch in the greenhouses due to the decrease in air temperatures. Öztürk, who visited a total of 6 greenhouses in the neighborhoods of Karaçulha, Çamköy, Cami, Esenköy and Yakacık, chatted with the producers. Welcomed with treats in every greenhouse, Mayor Öztürk said, “I was very happy to be with our farmers in their hard times. We are aware of the troubles. It is about to reach an agreement with Russia on a new quota of 50 thousand tons. Our producer is our chief crown. ”

President Öztürk gave good news especially to tomato producers during his greenhouse visits. Öztürk expressed his happiness when Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, who attended the consultation meeting held at the Kumluca Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Brokers Association building and where the problems in tomato exports and other agricultural products were discussed, was announced by the end of this week.
Turgay Öztürk, Head of Fethiye District of Ak Party, who kept the greenhouse ‘frost’ watch with the producers for about 6 hours, said, “They spend their winter days in greenhouses so that their products are not wasted. We wanted to be with our producers in these days when they do not sleep until morning in order to protect their products in the greenhouses where they spend 20 thousand TL per acre. We wanted to reach our farmers and drink their hot tea together with our friends from the district administration. Thanks to them, they opened the doors of their greenhouses for us. We thank all our farmers for their hospitality ”.

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