May 29, 2023
Gourds turn into works of art in Kocaeli Gourds turn into works of art in Kocaeli

Gourds turn into works of art in Kocaeli

The gourds used by adults to carry water in the past are nowadays transformed into works of art in KO-MEK.

KOCAELİ (İGFA) – Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Vocational and Art Training Courses (KO-MEK) opens courses for alternative handicraft products. KO-MEK, which has produced beautiful products by opening courses in different branches in the field of handicrafts, has now opened a course on gourd processing. Citizens also showed great interest in the course opened in Derince KO-MEK course center.


The gourds used by adults to transport water in the past are nowadays turned into works of art in skillful hands. While the citizens participating in the course shape the pumpkins with small drills, eye-catching works come out. Painted and varnished gourds turn into beautiful chandeliers and night lamps.


“We are getting income by selling our products on” Özlem Çukur, who attended the gourd embroidery course, and her daughter Yasemin with down syndrome, succeeded the incredible and create beautiful works. Down syndrome giving life again to the gourd Jasmine also table tennis championship in Turkey, has degrees in long jump and running competitions.


The gourds, which turned into works of art after long efforts, adorn the houses by going through these stages. The trainees who give patterns on gourds then start to work by patiently piercing the pattern intervals one by one. Drilled gourds are thinned and cut. After the cracking and burning processes, the trainees who start the painting process lighten the painted gourds by varnishing them. Enlightened gourds are starting to decorate homes with traces of a literally fabulous past.

Citizens who want to benefit from KO-MEK trainings free of charge can apply via KO-MEK’s official website

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