May 31, 2023
‘Good’ news from İzmir dams 'Good' news from İzmir dams

‘Good’ news from İzmir dams

The water level rises in Güzelhisar Dam of Aliağa, one of the most important dams in İzmir.

İZMİR (İGFA) – Increasing global warming and changing climate conditions, While it was shown as one of the most important causes of possible drought, new rains became hope. Rain and snowfall, which has been effective in the recent days in Güzelhisar Dam, whose water level has decreased considerably with the dry season of the last months, has increased the active occupancy rate. In the Güzelhisar Dam, which had a 46.45 percent occupancy rate in the beginning of January, an increase of 2.22 percent was recorded. Active occupancy rate in the dam was measured as 48.67 percent with the recent rains.


In addition to the Güzelhisar Dam, the situation is not different in other dams in Izmir. In the latest updates made by İzmir Water and Sewerage Administration (İZSU), the occupancy rates were measured as 41.35 percent in Tahtalı Dam, 47.24 percent in Balçova Dam, 3.48 percent in Gördes Dam, 62.97 percent in Ürkmez Dam, 48.67 percent in Güzelhisar Dam and 45.81 percent in Alaçatı Kutlu Aktaş Dam. {2 }

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