December 6, 2023
“Good” news from Akşener to Mardin family "Good" news from Akşener to Mardin family

“Good” news from Akşener to Mardin family

Necmettin Güzel, who lives in the Körsü District of Mardin’s Kızıltepe District, asked for a tablet from İYİ Party President Meral Akşener for girls who could not attend distance education classes due to financial difficulties. Akşener presented the Güzel family from Mardin with both a tablet and a grocery shopping card.

MARDİN (İGFA) – Stating that there is no door left for their children not to be deprived of education, Güzel family from Mardin, İYİ Party Its Chairman Meral Akşener was delighted. İYİ Party Mardin Provincial Chairman Süleyman Akar delivered the tablet to Selma Güzel, daughter of Necmettin Güzel, who wanted a tablet from Akşener. Along with the tablet that was sent to the Güzel family from Mardin, Akşener also gave the family a grocery shopping card.

A female student named Selma Güzel, who was bursting with joy, thanked Akşener and prayed. Necmettin Güzel, father of 6 children residing in Mardin Kızıltepe Körsu District, stated that he had a very difficult time due to the financial situation and said, “As my last hope, I requested help from Mr. Meral Akşener. Thanks to me, Akşener did not refuse this request. He sent tablets for my children. I thank him very much. I am trying to make every effort to make my children read.

Selma Güzel, who received the computer tablet, thanked Akşener and said, “This tablet will provide us a lot of convenience in my lessons at school. I promise I will work hard too. I will be a Republic woman serving my homeland ”.

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