September 27, 2023
Gift alternative from LÖSEV for February 14 Gift alternative from LÖSEV for February 14

Gift alternative from LÖSEV for February 14

LÖSEV, “What kind of gift should I choose?” It offers a good alternative to the question. LSV Shop, an organization of LÖSEV, invites you to goodness with the message “Goodness and love combined and we fell in love with you” before 14 February Valentine’s Day.

BURSA (İGFA) – Mothers of children with leukemia and colorful alternatives produced with love by young people who have survived leukemia await you. The source obtained from the sale of the products offered for sale with the LSV Shop Brand makes the value of gifts invaluable for their use in the treatment of children with leukemia.

In LSV Shop, eco-friendly doll-toys, colorful bags, pillows, fun home accessories, interior favors. hundreds of alternative products with full and loving design are waiting for you. You can make a loving surprise with the LÖSEV Life Certificates specific to the names of your loved ones, which will be delivered with your message, or you can choose pure, additive-free, special production chocolate and cookies to make this special day even more sweet. Make your loved ones happy with LSV Shop products; Let the children live, and increase the love and happiness!

You can visit for gift options and order online or visit our LSV Shops in Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya and Adana. {2 }

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