December 5, 2023
Ghost Nets will be recycled to produce white goods Ghost Nets will be recycled to produce white goods

Ghost Nets will be recycled to produce white goods

“Ghost Networks”, one of the biggest threats to marine life, will be recycled under the sponsorship of Şenmak Makina, which operates in the plastic machinery sector, and will be recycled as secondary raw material to the national economy.

BURSA (İGFA) – Marmara Islands With the Ghost Networks Project, it is aimed to make a significant contribution to the aquatic ecosystem with a ghost net of 40 thousand square meters in the size of 95 basketball courts to be extracted from 25 locations in Balıkesir Marmara Islands Region. The nets to be extracted will be recycled and brought to the country’s economy as secondary plastic raw material.
The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization approved for the “recycling of plastic waste into the economy in accordance with waste codes”. The ghost networks that will be created within the scope of the project can be transformed in recycling companies and used in the production of white goods.

There is a huge urban pressure and transport traffic in the Marmara Region and Marmara Sea, which hosts more than 30 percent of the country’s population.
Şenmak Makina Chairman Hüseyin Semerci said that ghost nets caused serious damage to fauna and flora by covering the sea floor. Semerci said, “With the decreasing fish population in recent years, we do not only know that this is a serious issue, but we also live. With our project, we want to create a national awareness in the public opinion, starting from the Marmara Region. “The ghost nets that have drifted in our seas for years and slaughtered all living creatures that come before them pose a serious threat to our seas and the population of the species. We are the source of this problem, we must solve it.”

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