December 5, 2023
German Hans, affected by Ramadan, became a Muslim in Mudanya German Hans, affected by Ramadan, became a Muslim in Mudanya

German Hans, affected by Ramadan, became a Muslim in Mudanya

German citizen Hans Jurgen Helmut Willing, who resides in Halitpaşa Neighborhood in Mudanya district of Bursa, has researched Islam and decided to become a Muslim. Willing became a Muslim and became a Muslim at the Ihtida Ceremony held in Mudanya District Mufti.

BURSA (İGFA) – İhtida organized in Mudanya District Mufti within the scope of pandemic measures. Speaking at the ceremony, District Mufti Ertuğran Mehmet Soylu gave information about the basic principles of the religion of Islam. Noting that Islam means accepting the unity of Allah and surrendering to Him, Mufti Soylu said, “The Holy Quran is the last divine book. Undoubtedly, we believe in all that is reported in Him. We confirm the existence of angels, accident and destiny, resurrection after death and the Hereafter. To enter Islam; It is possible by believing in Allah, the Prophethood of Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh) and all of what He brought from Allah. We express this belief with the Word-i Shahada. ”


In the accompaniment of Mufti Soylu, the Word-i Shahada Willing, who became a Muslim by bringing it, also took the name “Yusuf”. Congratulating Yusuf, who started to research the religion of Islam and decided to become a Muslim after being affected by the month of Ramadan, Mufti Soylu said, “You accepted Islam as the true religion and became a Muslim. We have also witnessed your confession here. May it be blessed. Now, according to Islam, you have been purified from all sins, have become pure, opened a brand new page. Know that only Allah Almighty forgives people’s sins. Our duty; Worship is to live a life full of goodness and beauty, away from the deeds that Allah has made forbidden. He presented various books from Kerim Meal and Religious Affairs Presidency publications.

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