April 2, 2023
Geothermal greenhouse project from Sorgun Municipality Geothermal greenhouse project from Sorgun Municipality

Geothermal greenhouse project from Sorgun Municipality

The Mayor of Sorgun district of Yozgat, M. Erkut Ekinci, implemented the project that will accelerate the geothermal greenhouse and tomato production in the district

YOZGAT (İGFA) – Sorgun Mayor M. Erkut Ekinci In addition to routine municipal services in the district, it turned towards investments for production and employment. Ekinci, who led the establishment of a large textile factory by cooperating with an investor living in the district to provide jobs for hundreds of people in Sorgun, now press the button to implement a project that will accelerate geothermal greenhouse cultivation and a large tomato production

began planting seedlings in a greenhouse with a production capacity of 110 thousand tomatoes, which will be heated with geothermal water on a 30 decare area. Mayor M. Erkut Ekinci received applause from the greenhouse employees for his active participation in the seedling planting. In the first stage, 40 women will have job opportunities and 110 thousand tomatoes will be produced in 3 months with geothermal resources.

About the greenhouse project, which will contribute to the economic development of the city Speaking, Sorgun Mayor M. Erkut Ekinci said, “We are pleased to bring this very advanced technology and this seminal service to Sorgun, and to provide income to the municipality as a profit partner. In the greenhouse where we planted the first seedlings, we planted a total of 110 thousand seedlings. Initially, 40 people were employed in the greenhouse established on 30 decares of land. We aim to increase this number exponentially in the future. The planted seedlings will be harvested within 90-100 days and offered to the market as sorgun vegetable ”.

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