December 6, 2023
GEBKIM MTAL students participated in the GençBizz High School program GEBKIM MTAL students participated in the GençBizz High School program

GEBKIM MTAL students participated in the GençBizz High School program

GEBKİM Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, which continues to raise the bar for success with the broad vision and contributions of the GEBKİM Foundation, participated in the GençBizz High School Entrepreneurship Program, which enables high school students to meet the business world and learn about the entrepreneurship culture.

{3 } ISTANBUL (IGFA) – GEBKIM MTAL, founded by 5 girl students in the 10th grade, has passed the qualifiers among the companies participating in the program this year and made it to the semi-finals. Students at İLKİM company, which is a candidate to be among the future women entrepreneurs; They continue their laboratory trials with the support of Chemistry Teachers M. Salih Alçın in order to create a natural vitamin band containing B12, C and D vitamins.

The GençBizz High School Entrepreneurship Project, which is carried out in cooperation with the Young Success Education Foundation, the East Marmara Development Agency and the Provincial Directorates of National Education, is carried out with the guidance teachers of high school students aged 14-18. The training program, in which the students are encouraged to develop new projects as well as the transfer of knowledge of establishing and managing companies, brings significant gains to young people.

In this context, GEBKİM MTAL 10th grade students who founded İLKİM; Azra Karaoğlan, Bengisu Gümüşkanat, Berra Yıldırım, Elif Beyza Günaydın and Zehra Terzi have been working under the guidance of Design Technologies Field Teacher Yasemin Akyel from the very beginning of the project.

GEBKİM MTAL student and CEO of İLKİM Company Bengisu Gümüşkanat succeeded in the international entrepreneurship exam held at the end of the program and was awarded the Entrepreneurial Skills Pass (ESP) certificate valid in 20 countries. Gebker I VeriLoan company first was recorded that apply to compete in gençbizz Turkey finale taking the mandate in the coming days.

Gebker Education, Research and Health Foundation Chairman Vefa Ibrahim vehicle, said Gebker I mtal’l students and teachers they proud of their success . Congratulating the teachers and administrators who contributed to the project, Foundation President Tool said, “Success in education is achieved with a vision that aims at continuous progress. We realize all our projects with this understanding. The support of our industrialists from GEBKIM to our school is very valuable. We will continue to support İLKİM in the ongoing laboratory and prototype studies of our students. “

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