April 2, 2023
Future Party ‘book’ vaccine Future Party 'book' vaccine

Future Party ‘book’ vaccine

The Future Party in Mardin The books sent by Ankara Provincial Vice President Barış İyison, the General Secretary, were distributed to the students for awareness.

MARDİN (İGFA) – The Future Party in Mardin, to popularize the book. and distributed books to be read. Books sent to Mardin by the Future Party Ankara Provincial Vice President, Secretary General Barış İyison, were distributed to students studying in Kızıltepe district. The books were given to the students of the Right Accuracy Development Course by Cesur Yücedağ, Mardin Provincial President, and Merve Beyazıt, Tacettin Bahadıroğlu and Diyadin Değer from the provincial administration. {2nd}

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