December 6, 2023
Full support to students and tradesmen Full support to students and tradesmen

Full support to students and tradesmen

BURSA – Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is now launching a new support package for stationery shoppers, after grocery stores, shoemakers and ready-to-wear shops. With the education support checks worth 150 liras to be given to 20 thousand families in need, both the stationery shopkeepers will win and the students in need will smile.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is within the scope of the fight against the coronavirus, which started to be seen in Turkey in March last year. In addition to its disinfection activities, it also exhibited an exemplary performance for Turkey in terms of social support. In this process, the Metropolitan Municipality, which implemented supports such as food package, bread, market net, cleaning package, hot food, vitamin C support, free transportation to health workers, payment of electricity, water and internet bills of a total of 60 thousand families, did not leave the tradesmen who were adversely affected by the process alone. The 130 thousand Ramadan Support Checks distributed by the Metropolitan Municipality, which adapted Kart16, which was implemented as a first in Turkey and provided the opportunity to shop from anywhere to 10 thousand needy people, in a way that tradesmen could also benefit from, became a lifeline for the neighborhood grocers. Again, before the Eid al-Adha, a similar project for shoemakers and charity wearers ensured that 15,000 children, who received checks for 150 lira each, were provided with their holiday clothes from small shopkeepers.

Both shopkeepers and children will be happy

Metropolitan Municipality, grocers, shoemakers and ready-to-wear, has now launched a new support package for stationers. Within the scope of the project, which was prepared with the slogan of “full support to both students and tradesmen”, a protocol was signed between Bursa Chamber of Printers and Stationers. Within the scope of the project, Card16 Education Support Checks worth 150 liras will be distributed to 20 thousand families in need, and these checks will only be valid for stationers registered in the Chamber. Thanks to the project, which will provide a total of 3 million TL of hot money to the stationery shopkeepers, students in need will also have the opportunity to buy the products they prefer. The project will also be a lifeline for the stationery shopkeepers, who are in trouble during the distance education process due to the pandemic. A few days before the new education period, the project, which made both the needy and the shopkeepers smile, was introduced with a meeting attended by Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, Bursa Deputies Refik Özen and Atilla Ödünç, Bursa Chamber of Craftsmen and Craftsmen’s Union President Tak and many stationery shopkeepers.

The period of survival

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that they have witnessed different works done on behalf of my eyes during the pandemic process, and said that they are trying to do things that really touch people’s lives and are beneficial. Expressing that as a local administrator, they had to embrace the people with the power we received from the state and their own means, Mayor Aktaş said, “This period was a special one, frankly. It was not the time to make money, make investments, and increase exports, I don’t know. It was the time to stand. There were very drastic measures, it really affected the economy and the market very seriously. We were with the tradesmen yesterday, we are with them today, and we will always be with them as long as God gives life. As you know, we have a Card 16 application that has been in effect for a year. We supported our grocery shopkeepers with the Card 16 support check application in Ramadan. We helped the sector related to clothes and shoes during the Feast of Sacrifice. Now the education season is starting and we are implementing an application covering stationery tradesmen. They were also very impressed with the process. With our Card 16 support checks, we will support the education expenses of 20 thousand families in need. We will both support our shopkeepers with 150 lira training checks, and our children will buy whatever they want in terms of stationery.”

Vaccination warning

Bursa Deputy Refik Özen said that the project is beneficial for both tradesmen and students. wished it was. Reminding that one of the sectors that were most affected by the pandemic due to the distance education process, Özen said, “In this process, where the whole world was affected, we became one of the countries that survived the process with the least damage with the supports, measures and interventions put forward under the leadership of our President. However, at the same time, as a tradesman, I would like to address our citizens who are hesitant about vaccination. This is not just a decision that will affect you. We had tradesmen whose shops were closed for 1.5 years. Those who question the vaccination decision should think that they are playing with someone’s bread.”

BESOB President Arif Tak and Bursa Chamber of Printers and Stationers’ President İsmail Akar also thanked Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş for the project, which will be the lifeblood of tradesmen.{4 }

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