September 25, 2023
Full closing support that delights Gaziantep artisans Full closing support that delights Gaziantep artisans

Full closing support that delights Gaziantep artisans

The 10 million Turkish lira cash aid tradesmen and employees were delighted with the decision taken by the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of the pandemic measures in order to minimize the impact of the sector employees.

GAZİANTEP (İGFA) – {5 } In order to control the rate of cases occurring in the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) process and to minimize the threat of the epidemic to human health, the Ministry of Interior entered into a full closure process of 17 days with the circular it issued. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality will provide 10 million TL to tradesmen and employees with the social support program prepared during the closure, which will last about 3 weeks, in order to protect the economic power and income-expenditure balance of the sector employees.

He described the economic aid package to be made by the Metropolitan Municipality as a very pleasing situation. Mustafa Yılmaz, who has been working as a tradesman for 15 years, stated that he was aware of the social support program just a day ago and said, “We are going through difficult processes. Therefore, we are all very happy when we hear about the economic assistance to be made by Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin. ”

Within the framework of the social support program, mobile vendors will be provided with in-kind and cash aid before the holiday. A quick social work plan will be made to alleviate the grievances of the marketers. The victimization of carpet washers before the holidays will be prevented. A social support system for women who go to house cleaning will come into play. A support program will be prepared for wedding hall employees and the products from the florists will be bought and presented to mothers on Mother’s Day.

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