September 27, 2023

Food industrialists from Bursa announced the pot inflation!

Bursa Catering Industrialists Association (BUYSAD) President Coşkun Dönmez announced that the February cookware inflation was 0.05 percent. Dönmez underlined that although the increase in food prices announced by TURKSTAT was 0.79, the increase in the materials used in the catering sector was limited to 0.05 percent.

BURSA (İGFA) – shared with the public once last month under the name of ‘pot inflation’, BUYSAD also announced February food inflation figures.

Stating that the annual inflation announced by TURKSTAT as of February is 15.61 percent and monthly inflation is 0.91 percent, President Dönmez stated that as BUYSAD, they focus on the increase in food prices and they want to attract the attention of the public in this direction.

Chairman Dönmez said, “There was a very low increase of 0.05 for our sector in February. We hope this will be permanent for our industry. It would be possible if we implement the right agricultural policies and increase the controls against opportunists in our country, which has experienced four seasons. ”


On the other hand, BUYSAD President Coşkun reminded that the month of Ramadan is approaching. Dönmez, food prices across the world and the highest increases due to various causes in Turkey, said he wanted to be careful when seeking to turn against opportunistic deals in the month of Ramadan.

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