May 31, 2023
Fitness Champion Turkey Merve Yildirim goes to Europe Fitness Champion Turkey Merve Yildirim goes to Europe

Fitness Champion Turkey Merve Yildirim goes to Europe

Great Women’s Fitness On Heavyweight Champion Turkey Merve Yildirim told the secret of the success achieved on top. Dreams Lightning stating that worked very hard to achieve, said the goal is to enter a degree in European Championships.

Turkey Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships Merve Yıldırım, who became the winner of the European Championship two years in a row, spoke to the Ankara Desk about her sports life. which is connected to Turkey Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, ‘fitness open-weight’ branch in racing Lightning, gave detailed information about not starting sports to be known in the country.
Merve Yildirim, saying that it is difficult Branch; “You are on a strict diet, especially when there is little time left for the competition. A strict diet is applied to completely eliminate the water in the body and make the muscles more pronounced. For this reason, you do not have enough energy because the nutrients taken are very low. You do 3 training sessions a day. There are times when I feel very bad psychologically. This was a challenging work for money as the champion two consecutive years to Turkey, “he said.


5 years as a champion of life sports that break through coaching rotating Lightning,” I actually I was a gymnastics athlete. I started at a very young age and did it professionally until the age of 18. Later, in the city where I went to university, I tried to quit sportsmanship and move to the education dimension because there was no club I could go to for gymnastics. I both studied and completed my coaching documents and educated the children. I trained gymnasts. After 5 years, I thought that 70 percent of my talent was lost and I should be an athlete again. Because you can be a trainer after 10 years, but it is much more difficult to become a gymnast or athlete after 10 years. ”


After 5 years, I have to come back. Stating that he started working and met fitness by saying; “Fitness is a branch that I have never known and that I have only done for the last year. Of course, this forced me. The reason is this; Since I am used to bodybuilding gymnastics, all my muscles and bones have developed accordingly. We always work with our body weight. It was out of the question for us to build muscle and work with weight. Now, working with weight, changing the body with different training systems is a bit for me, but when it works. ”


“ I am working to achieve the dreams I have. Saying that my dream for the nearest time is to rank in the European Championship I will go to, ”Yıldırım gave the following message to people who wanted to be athletes:“ Everyone understood the benefit of sports the most after Kovid-19. Physical activity is very important. People who want to think about sports professionally should not necessarily stop working. Because I decided to be a contestant again after the age of 23. Actually, I did something difficult. You can do that too. Of course, working is half the success, but working logically is half the success. ”

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