September 27, 2023
Financing agreement for ‘hero’ SMEs Financing agreement for 'hero' SMEs

Financing agreement for ‘hero’ SMEs

Commerce and Industry Chamber (KMTSO) with Turkey Halk Bankasi (Halkbank) in “paraffin Secured Supply Chain Financing Agreement with Commercial Credit Card” was signed.

Seller collections assurance, buyers also up to 18 months term with possibility Kahramanmaraş Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KMTSO) Chairman Şahin Balcıoğlu and Halkbank Regional Coordinator Aziz Arslan signed the agreement offering flexibility of payment. KMTSO President Sahin Balcıoğlu of the members of the protocol signed more convenient and more advantageous saying loans would increase the possibility of using Halkbank’s that they are among the most supportive institutions said

Halkbank Regional Coordinator Aziz Arslan Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Association with Halkbank Reminding that a protocol was signed between the General Directorate for financing the supply chain, Gaziantep Regional Directorate emphasized that the chambers of commerce and industry in our region and exchanges signed this protocol mutually and said, “The aim of the protocol is to ensure safe trade. We make main dealer agreements with companies that sell goods to the domestic market. We also give initial commercial cards to customers to whom that company sells goods. With these cards, customers are supplied with goods from the main dealer. ”

The advantages provided by the agreement for sellers and buyers:

{ 1} § Sellers will have the opportunity to sell goods and services in cash, installment or term, and to make sales with POS in 4 different models in multiple terms according to the cash cycles of customers.

§ Money transfer, check Operational risk and financing costs will be eliminated thanks to collections with Paraf Commercial Credit Cards instead of bonds and letters of guarantee.

§ Sellers’ collections with a special limit of Income Commercial Credit Cards that can only be used for the vendor will be secured. If necessary, customer loyalty will be ensured with the definition of limit valid only in the member workplace.

§ By accepting the amounts of POS sales as collateral, more cost-effective credit will be provided, as well as accounting and recording facility.

§ Buyers, on the other hand, will provide easy access to finance, while obtaining the opportunity to purchase cost-free, deferred goods.

§ 540 in purchases of goods and services. In addition to the possibility of installment, maturity or flexible maturity up to day, easy and cost-effective trading will be provided with Paraf Commercial Credit Cards instead of loans, checks, bills and letters of guarantee, and operational risks such as cash carrying risk will be eliminated.

{2 }

§ Buyers will have the convenience of regularly tracking and accounting records of goods purchase and payment.

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