December 5, 2023
Fight against informal economy in the construction industry Fight against informal economy in the construction industry

Fight against informal economy in the construction industry

Orhangazi Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen is starting a study on the issue of unregistered workers, which is one of the most important problems of businesses working and operating in the construction sector in Orhangazi.

Orhangazi Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Turgay Reminding that there are problems in many business lines in Orhangazi, Durmuş stated that members who are registered in many fields such as electricians, decorators, lifters, painters, construction materials, roof repairs, especially those who are active in the construction sector, have great difficulties in informal issues, There are people and institutions operating informally in many branches of the construction industry. A person working in the factory works informally in these sectors as an additional job. He said this is a big problem for our registered tradesmen. Turgay Durmuş also pointed out that the municipality should take precautions in this regard, and just as our municipality requests documents for building inspection from our tradesmen, it should ask for tax registration, room registration and authorization certificates for many such unregistered employees. People who do not have any authorization certificates or mastership certificates are especially active in the construction sector. He said that people who cannot submit their documents or work in factories and do business in houses should be obliged to request a certificate of authorization.


Turgay Durmuş, in the event that persons engaged in such activities do not sanctions should be imposed on those constructions that lead to sealing. For example, foreign nationals can be employed in groups without insurance, tax or room registration by the owners. This causes great damage to our district. We invite our district mayor, district governor, tax office and SGK to take action on this issue. He said that serious measures should be taken and sanctions should be applied for those who work in construction, especially in groups of foreign nationals. The Chairman of the Chamber of Merchants, Durmuş, also called on the construction owners to give up such incidents. The shops and flats that you will sell to the people of Orhangazi must be made under safe hands and under control. This control is done by our tradesmen. He said that construction owners should also be more careful about these issues.

Photo: Turgay Durmuş, Head of Orhangazi Chamber of Various Tradesmen and Craftsmen

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