September 27, 2023
Fifty years of Unending Love was a clip Fifty years of Unending Love was a clip

Fifty years of Unending Love was a clip

The secret of the conversations of Teyze Nebahat and Uncle Nurettin, the heroes of the “Endless Love”, the architects of the 49-year partnership that continued their lives in Didim after retirement, 49 years ago, is a language dominated by love.

“Love is the same in every language. The Nebahat-Nurettin couple said, “Just respect him” and said, “Our love for each other continued to increase day by day. The only reason for this is that we respect each other, ”Didim Municipality, who had a beautiful day by adding their Love to Didim on the Valentine’s Day of the happy couple who said” We respect each other “, combined the heroes of Endless Love with the unique beauty of Didim and immortalized them with the videos they shot.

Mayor A. Deniz Atabay said, “We talked about their love with the beautiful people of Didim, our Nebahat sister, who is known for their great love for someone, and our brother Nurettin. By combining their respect and love for each other with the beauties of Didim, we presented them and the people of Didim on Valentine’s Day. I wish them a healthy long life in which they will live their “Endless Love, Happy Valentine’s Day.” said.

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