December 5, 2023
Fertilizer price reaction from Gürün Chamber of Agriculture Fertilizer price reaction from Gürün Chamber of Agriculture

Fertilizer price reaction from Gürün Chamber of Agriculture

Head of Sivas’s Gürün Chamber of Agriculture Hüseyin Aktepe said that the recent price increase in fertilizers put the producer and then the consumer in a difficult position.

SİVAS (İGFA) – Hüseyin Aktepe, President of the Gürün Chamber of Agriculture of Sivas, He said that the increase in the price of fertilizers in the last period put the producer and then the consumer in a difficult situation. Mayor Aktepe reminded that if the increase in fertilizer prices continues, producers will decrease their production and this will mean more product imports.

Gürün Head of Chamber of Agriculture Hüseyin Aktepe, especially fertilizers, feed, pesticides, electricity prices and irrigation prices. Underlining that it has increased significantly in recent days, “The producer, whose product costs will increase with the increase in input prices, suffers from difficulties in production, while increasing food prices weigh heavily on consumers. Fertilizer prices have increased significantly in recent days and attracted the rightful reaction of our producers. The farmer is shocked by the high price increase as the chemical fertilizer season begins. In a period when fertilizer use is most intense, the rapid rise in prices causes farmers to react. The price hikes made our producers unable to use fertilizers altogether. Due to the increasing fertilizer prices, production will decrease, so more agricultural products will have to be imported. This price increase should be eliminated without wasting any more time. ”

Reminding that producers should definitely use fertilizers in order to prevent yield loss and inefficiency, President Aktepe said,“ Fertilizer use increases productivity by 20-80 percent. Therefore, the producer who cannot find fertilizer due to the price increase is predicted to face yield loss and inefficiency. This will seriously damage the national economy. ”

Underlining that the supervision and control of the fertilizer sector gained importance in this period, Mayor Aktepe said,“ The price of urea fertilizer has increased by 30.4% since December and 70 percent compared to January last year. is known. These fertilizer prices must be intervened. The number of farmers who can buy fertilizers at these prices will decrease. Fertilizer is one of the most important inputs in agricultural production and can increase production by up to 50 percent. Considering the coming days when intensive fertilizer use will begin, it should be emphasized that the increasing fertilizer prices should be reduced so that production will not be interrupted. The winners of the foodstuffs to be sold at exorbitant prices will be our farmers and consumers who will speculate. } {2nd}

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