December 5, 2023
Feeding against rabies for foxes in Mardin Feeding against rabies for foxes in Mardin

Feeding against rabies for foxes in Mardin

Mardin Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry will leave 20 thousand grafted feed to the nature to combat rabies in foxes.

MARDİN (İGFA) – Mardin Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Menduh Dinler, stated that 20 thousand vaccinated feed will be left to nature within the scope of combating rabies disease seen in foxes.

Stating that great progress has been made against rabies with vaccinations in recent years, Director Dinler stated that rabies disease poses very serious risks to public health, food safety and livestock economy. noted that they handled this disease sensitively. Stating that cats and dogs are vaccinated free of charge every year within the scope of the fight against the disease, Dinler said, “These vaccinations have seriously regressed the cases of rabies. However, there is an epidemic of rabies among foxes living in rural and forested areas, and we saw this as a huge problem. Because these animals are out of human control and it was not possible for us to vaccinate them individually. Foxes infect cattle and ovine in pastures and stray dogs in rural areas. I hope that this disease in foxes will end with the work we have done and rabies will cease to be a threat to our citizens of Mardin. He stated that this issue is important in terms of being possible. “If these vaccines are touched by humans, the human smell permeates the vaccine, thus the vaccine becomes less attractive for foxes,” said Dinler. “We have previously informed about these issues through mukhtars and mufti offices. Our personnel in charge of the study also go to the settlements close to the areas where the vaccine was released and inform our citizens about these issues. I ask our citizens to show sensitivity in these issues ”.

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