December 5, 2023
Farmers’ yield increased by 26 percent Farmers' yield increased by 26 percent

Farmers’ yield increased by 26 percent

In the second year of Cargill’s “1000 Farmers 1000 Abundance”, it expanded its scope by adding sunflower next to corn, and included one thousand 75 farmers in 12 provinces.

BURSA (İGFA) – Cargill, 1000 With the Farmer 1000 Abundance program, it continues to work to increase the productivity and welfare of farmers in our country. Within the scope of the program, farmers who received training from planting to harvest, access to digital agricultural tools and special consultancy services for their fields achieved yield increase of up to 26 percent. In its second year, the program expanded its scope by adding sunflower next to corn, and included 1,175 farmers in 12 provinces.

1000 Farmer 1000 Bereket, which was launched in 2019 and expanded its scope by including sunflower farmers in the program in its second year, affected an area equal to the size of 70 thousand football fields in 12 provinces. In the agriculture and food sectors for the first time the social impact calculations do not feature in the program in 1000 in Turkey with 1000 farmers in abundance, every $ 1 of investment made in 2020, it was seen that the social returns worth $ 2.78. social returns of your program compared to the previous year at 2.53 was increased from TL 2.78 to TL.

Speaking at a press conference Online Cargill Foods Middle East, Turkey and Africa, Chairman and CEO Murat Tarakçıoğlu, exceeding the yield increase target set as 15 percent at the beginning of the season, announced that the farmers within the scope of the program achieved a yield increase of up to 26 percent.

Corn farmer Umut Ayberk Akbay, who made production in İzmir İlkkurşun, in the past years Stating that he realized that I made the wrong fertilization, “I used fertilizer as necessary, I saved 22 percent from fertilizer. With the Meteorology & Irrigation and Forecasting Station application, I followed the growth of corn on my mobile phone without having to go to the field. Agricultural engineers also monitored my field and warned me of the red spider pest. Accordingly, I used medication. Thanks to the program, the product I bought per decare increased from 7.450 to 8000 kilograms. ”

On the other hand, the 1000 Farmers 1000 Abundance program made the first Progress Report to share its sustainability performance and its impact more comprehensively. published. The report can be accessed via the address “ “. {2nd}

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