September 27, 2023
Exports are on the rise in Muğla Exports are on the rise in Muğla

Exports are on the rise in Muğla

Exports started to rise in Muğla’s Fethiye and Seydikemer districts. It was stated that while the export in Fethiye reached 30 thousand tons in the last two months, 700 tons of vegetables and fruits were exported every day.

MUĞLA (İGFA) – For export products, Fethiye District Agriculture Directorate teams carry out analysis controls and other customs procedures day and night.

It has been noted that in the last two months, shipments abroad, mostly tomatoes from Fethiye, reached 30 thousand tons. While it has been learned that the exports of vegetable varieties have increased in recent days, it was stated that there is demand from Egypt, Greece, Italy, Spain and Israel, especially from Middle Eastern and European countries. Haller Turkey Federation Vice President Atabay Akgun, “Fethiye and Seydikemer districts, especially in January, February, March and April are the busiest months of production. They are the products that are the most dynamic of the product, that is, suitable for the logistics road and shelf life. Therefore, a large part of our region’s exporters in Turkey. The region I mean is west of the Mediterranean, Kınık, Kumluova, Karadere, Ova, Eşen region. There are new and vibrant products in this area. One reason is performing here a large part of shipments of Turkey’s exporters, “he said.
Turkey Haller Federation Vice President Atabay Akgun, noting that the total daily 30-35 tr around shipments,” This 700 It corresponds to tons. This will increase in the coming weeks, reaching up to 80-85 trucks per day ”. Noting that export products are between 2.5-3 TL, Akgün said, “Soilless products are traded for 4 TL, and in the domestic market for 1.5 – 2.5 TL tomatoes. The products we call 1.5 TL are the products we call 2.. These are close to the approximate product cost. If we can switch to a production-based support model based on producer receipt, we will both eliminate that leakage in the agricultural and financial loss in the sector and we will develop a model that will partially breathe our producers and raise them up. Because this is the practice in European countries, in Egypt, Greece, Italy, Spain and Israel. Hopefully, studies are underway for a similar application for the coming years. I hope we will develop a model that will make our manufacturer stand up as a result of these studies, ”he said.
By the way, Atabey Akgün, who connects the potato producers’ products left to rot in the warehouses to the closed restaurants and cafes, said that the region did not face the picture in Niğde, but He said that the figures were on a lower basis compared to the previous years. Akgün noted that as the shipment increases, an upward practice will develop in favor of the manufacturer.

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