December 5, 2023
Export meeting from Malatya industrialists Export meeting from Malatya industrialists

Export meeting from Malatya industrialists

Manama Commercial Counselor Assoc, under the coordination of Fırat Development Agency (FKA) in Malatya. Dr. A meeting on “Cooperation and Coordination on Export Promotion” was held with the participation of Güzin Bayar.

MALATYA (İGFA) – The meeting was held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Fırat Development Agency Secretary General Abdulvahap Intensive and 40 expert staff from 26 Development Agencies participated. Making the opening speech of the meeting, FKA Secretary General Abdulvahap Yogunlu said at the meeting that they will have the opportunity to learn about new opportunities and new markets regarding the Gulf countries.

Intensive stated that the COVID-19 pandemic is a global problem and that they think they will move in the global market with the vaccination.

Stating that Development Agencies are also making preparations for the mobilization of the global market, Intensive said, “We organize this meeting within this scope. Ms. Güzin has both field experience and a really good academic knowledge in this field. As the Euphrates Development Agency, we also have some mentoring expectation, as is the case with all export agencies. Güzin with Hanim also experience we expect to show us the way. “

During the meeting, Turkey-Bahrain trade relations, administrative and economic structure of the countries in the Gulf market, business and investment legislation, import, customs and protectionist measures, standardization and pre-shipment inspection applications, Turkey, the Gulf countries at the meeting discussed issues such as the situation in export, export potential products, our advantage in the market, increase exports with the problems and recommendations emphasized the importance of establishing the context of the strategy.

Euphrates Development Agency by 2019 The cooperation meeting held as a continuation of the “Market Opportunities” activities initiated, exchanges of experience regarding foreign market potentials in Bahrain and other Gulf countries, current situation determination, the latest situation in inter-country political relations, approaches to foreign trade in the ongoing pandemic and distilled information on sector-based potential export items

The coordination meeting, which aims to prepare the export ground for the producers in their regions to the Gulf countries, to evaluate the market opportunities and to increase the exports in general, Assoc. Dr. It ended with a mutual question and answer after Güzin Bayar’s presentation.

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