December 5, 2023
Expert guides talked about being a child in the digital age Expert guides talked about being a child in the digital age

Expert guides talked about being a child in the digital age

Content for Children Association drew attention to being a child in the digital age.

ISTANBUL (İGFA) – By evaluating the content that children can watch, read and play, we give parents and experts working in this field. Content for Children Association, which aims to be a guide, pays attention to the digital content processes that children are exposed to in our age with the special session titled Being a Child in the Digital World at the 2020-2021 OMEP Preschool Education Talks-Child View and Current Trends Event organized by the Turkish Preschool Education Development Association.

Board Member Prof. Dr. Nilüfer Pembecioğlu, Vice Chairman of the Board of the Association Sinan Akkol and Professor of Istanbul University Communication Faculty. Dr. Nilüfer Sarı Sezer emphasized the differences in current practices with the meanings attributed to being a child in the past. Emphasizing that children should be fed spiritually and mentally, and that this feeding process should include the transfer of language, culture and values ​​while this feeding process is carried out by the family, the participants can be informed about this nutrition either from the parents, school, book, teacher or peer, or from the screen, through traditional methods.

Speaking on behalf of the association, Sinan Akkol emphasized the importance of parents to focus more on the concept of digital literacy in order not to harm the development of children in the digital world. Drawing attention to the importance of correctly determining the limits and rules of the time children spend in the digital world, Sinan Akkol stated that it is important that the rules created are not one-sided.

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