September 27, 2023
‘Exorbitant price’ inspections in Siirt 'Exorbitant price' inspections in Siirt

‘Exorbitant price’ inspections in Siirt

The inspections initiated in 81 provinces for exorbitant price increases in markets, markets, bazaars and wholesalers were also carried out in Siirt.

SİİRT (İGFA) – The inspections for the exorbitant price increases that he initiated were carried out by the teams of the Provincial Directorate of Commerce in Siirt. In inspections, the teams meticulously examined all details regarding consumer protection, from label prices to purchase and sale prices, and inspected especially basic food products in local businesses and chain markets in Siirt. During the audits, it was learned that the records and documents related to the Company and Products, which were evaluated as having an unfair price increase, will be forwarded to the Unfair Price Evaluation Board of the Ministry of Commerce.

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