September 27, 2023
Evaluation meeting in Bursa National Education Evaluation meeting in Bursa National Education

Evaluation meeting in Bursa National Education

Bursa 17 District Director of Education with the educational evaluation meeting that the Provincial Education Director Sabahattin Carpenter, “Happy kids, strong Turkey”, he said they are working with the target.

BURSA (IGF A) – { 4} Bursa Provincial Director of National Education Sabahattin Dülger held an education and training evaluation meeting with the participation of 17 District National Education Directors. Provincial Deputy Directors of National Education and Branch Managers also attended the meeting held in Bursa Governorship YIKOP Service Building Meeting Hall. Educational Vision 2023 within the framework of “Happy Turkey strong children” are working with the aim of expressing Provincial National Education Director Sabahattin Carpenter, “our primary goal is to provide the Bursa befitting education services. Education and training activities are carried out with precision in line with the recommendations of the Scientific Committee and the instructions of our Ministry during the epidemic we are in. Face-to-face training has begun at some school and classroom levels. In our schools where face-to-face training started, all kinds of measures were taken within the scope of the epidemic. For our students who continue their distance education, our teachers devotedly work with the slogan “education is everywhere, teacher is everywhere”. I would like to thank all of my administrators and teachers for their efforts to ensure the uninterrupted education of our children ”.

The awards of the teachers who ranked in the “1 Idea Among Teachers” project competition realized within the scope of the Electronic Project Network System Project, which was implemented by Bursa Provincial Directorate of National Education in 2017 and carried out by the Strategy Development Branch R&D unit under the responsibility of Branch Manager Ahmet Uzun A general evaluation of the education and training situation of Bursa was made in the meeting.

In addition, the activities carried out in schools where face-to-face education started; practices carried out to ensure that the distance education process continues uninterrupted; projects to compensate for learning losses and increase success; In this process, the magazine, fascicle, question bank etc. provided to students. resources; studies for students preparing for central exams; student and teacher motivation; Issues such as the projects that are still being implemented and will be implemented from now on were discussed.

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