May 29, 2023
Erzurum will learn between generations Erzurum will learn between generations

Erzurum will learn between generations

Within the scope of the project prepared by Erzurum Technical University faculty members and supported by the National Agency, the individual competencies of adults will be strengthened through intergenerational interaction within the scope of lifelong learning.

ERZURUM (İGFA) – European Union Erasmus Plus Within the framework of the Program, the EU Project titled “Intergenerational Learning for Adult Learners through STEAM: From the point of Hofstede’s 6D Model (STEAM Plus)” presented during the 2020 call for proposals within the scope of the Partnerships for Creativity Activity carried out by the National Agency Directorate was accepted. 24-month project with 164 thousand 939 euro grant.

Erzurum Technical University in Linz as the coordinator of Austria in the projects undertaken by the Johannes Kepler University (JKU), Slovakia from e-Coda, from Finland Experience Workshop and Turkey ‘ Erzurum Maturation Institute was a partner.

ETU Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty Member of the Department of Economics Prof. Dr. As the Project Coordinator in the project team of which Muammer Yaylalı was the consultant, Assoc. Dr. Hüseyin Daştan from the Department of Political Science and Public Administration as the Deputy Project Coordinator. Lecturer Mehmet Emirhan Kula from the Office of Foreign Relations as a project specialist. See. Eren Özbek took part.

The project includes various activities in order to increase the individual competencies and strengthen the interaction between generations by including adults in STEAM activities within the scope of lifelong learning. It is aimed to develop and implement the STEAM literacy scale at the international level for adult individuals, to prepare a common STEAM curriculum for Europe, to carry out STEAM pilot studies, to provide STEAM trainings to adults, to create a volunteer network and a multilingual interactive platform for the dissemination of STEAM activities. {2nd}

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