April 2, 2023
‘Ersel’ of Bursaspor tribunes .. (Special Interview) 'Ersel' of Bursaspor tribunes .. (Special Interview)

‘Ersel’ of Bursaspor tribunes .. (Special Interview)

This love inherited from father to son, not afterwards, even before he was born! Even though it is ‘torment’, sometimes the name of this Aşk has fallen into the fire once… We hosted the ‘Ersel’ of Bursaspor tribunes to our pages… Ersel says: “Nobody is next to Bursaspor anymore.”

BURSASPOR THE ERSEL’S OF THE TRIBUNES: “Nobody is with Bursaspor anymore!”

Sevinç ÇELEBİ (bshaberler.com)

First, this love inherited from father to son!

First falling into the heart and then turning into Love!

Even though it is ‘torment’, sometimes the name of this Love has fallen into the flame once…

Sometimes it burns-scorches Sometimes it warms the heart with its warmth, makes it come alive!

Sometimes it freezes, but it does not take a nap and is never abandoned!

In my period of sports reporting and writing, which has just reached a quarter of a century,

There were a lot of laughs and tears.

I got angry sometimes and surprised.

{1 } During this period, I met many precious people, made interviews and interviews…

I experienced relegation and the championship!

I enjoyed being one heart and I saw how he cried with thousands of people with joy and I learned…

I went through ups and downs, I tried to experience and explain the difference of Bursasporliness, even though we were champions once, when my tongue turned back…


{1 } And last year One of the three Ersels of the Bursaspor Tribunes I came together to talk about the difficulties faced by me, how this Aşk grows like a tumor that medicine cannot cure every day

days, and oddly enough, many people see it as a disease, but {2 }

I saw that no one wanted to get rid of the feeling I call Love on their behalf.

So from whom and where was this legacy to them?

There has not been a fan that has won the championship every year that they….

Despite this, they are now preparing to inherit this love left to their sons … { 4}

The essence of the word; They are the three leading names of Bursaspor Tribunes.

All three of them were named after the legendary football player Ersel Altıparmak by their father, who is passionate about Bursaspor.

And so, as soon as they were born, they became dark, fanatic Bursaspor…

So let’s listen to Üç Ersel of Bursaspor Tribunes and Bursaspor from them and

{ 1} Let’s get to know…

Who is Ersel Ağaçe?

I was born in 1968 in Bursa Kemerçeşme. I met Bursaspor before I was born. Because my late father was known for his love for Ersel Altıparmak as well as being from Bursaspor. As such, and when I was born, he named my name Ersel, so much so that the nurses at the hospital considered it appropriate to be Orhan, but my father strongly opposed this and gave his beloved boy Ersel the name of his football player.

{ 2}


Do you remember when you went to your first game?

I remember very well! Even details like yesterday are in front of my eyes… In 1974, when I was 6 years old, I went to the Prime Minister’s Cup match with my father.

That day, we beat Fenerbahçe 1-0 with Tezcan’s goal. And I listened to many experiences about my father in that game… For example; I learned that my late father could not stand Mesut Şen and jumped on the field because he kicked Idman Yurdu’s left back in the Mersin Idman Yurdu match, which he went with his friends during his time.

After that, the police caught my father and threw him out. and his friends did not go to the match with my father again ?

My father’s love for Bursaspor and his illness from Bursaspor actually started exactly at this point and with this game.

It continued like that.

After our first game in 1974, I started to go to the games slowly. When I was 7-8 years old, together with Sedat Topaloğlu (my childhood friend) we sold cardboard, water, wipe the seats and somehow managed to enter the matches.


Everyone’s life (including me) has unforgettable matches or matches.It was the time of the revolution then, I was a child, but I entered that game somehow. I remember him well, for example… The first goal was scored by the freckled little Mehmet who came on loan from Galatasaray. We beat Beşiktaş 5-0 with the goals scored by Sedat2, Brother Kadir, Ahmet Kılıç and Sedat3 from behind. Bahtiyar was very upset that he did not score a goal…

Then, the matches we beat Sakarya 3-2 from a 2-0 defeat, and Fenerbahçe 2-0 while we beat 3-2 are among the ones I cannot forget. But that won my memory for a lifetime is the game we became champions in indisputable! Which one shall I tell! There are matches, memories, many!


Let’s get to know Ersel Kurtuluş a little… {1 }

Who is Ersel Kurtuluş?

I was born in 1975 in Bursa. My love for Bursaspor also comes from my father. And they gave me the name of Ersel Altıparmak, the legendary name of Bursaspor… However, compared to my other friends, I met the stands a little later, when I was 15. Like many sub, suburban kids, I am one of those who earn match money by selling water. Thus, I was both earning money and following the matches of Bursaspor. Then; over time, we got to know our brothers in the tribune.

Amigo Yaşar, Emin brother, Darbuka Huseyin, Cemal brothers and many other cheerleaders that I cannot count… And Selim and Tuncay went to the brothers and we became a member of this tribune and we never met the conditions. and regardless of the conditions, we did not leave Bursaspor alone.


Where are Bursaspor, we are there! We rushed and stopped…

We did not say rain or mud, we climbed mountain-to-peak. This love has contributed to us. Thanks to our love because we went to different cities of Turkey, both we visited, we support our team. We have collected a lot of memories… However, the biggest of these memories was our Bursaspor’s Champion! It was incredibly beautiful and we were afraid that it would be a dream that day.


And let’s come to the present… Why did Bursaspor come to this situation?

After the Great President Ibrahim Yazici , rest in peace, nobody took care of the team as it should be.

Everyone who came said ‘me first’ and always he thought… Not long after, it happened! Bursaspor has reached such an impasse that the management started to send a message to the congress members: “Pay in cash your annual wages of 200 TL in cash in the last week “. So the issue has come up to the annual fee of 200 TL! Debts swelled as they swelled, and banks began to confiscate fans’ purchases from the blind. As such, fans got angry and did not buy products. However, he used to buy his combination and his uniform. The bottom line: We are in a very difficult situation!

Even worse: None of us know how to get out of this situation! The municipality was giving aid, now he has withdrawn…
Result; Nobody is with Bursaspor anymore! Not in shopkeepers, not businessmen…. The former contributors no longer help. And if it goes on like this, more difficult days await us… The only reason for this is the management! Bursaspor has come to this on the basis of management, not on the basis of fans!

Okay, as the fans, we are of course not a milk spoon and we have some crimes. But these crimes are never big enough to ruin the club!


Let’s look back!

The latest ones are obvious like the day they could not manage Bursaspor!

Because those who come to the Administration, when they come to get back the money they gave to the club in Turkish Lira, they try to buy dollars,

euros or even gold and go away.

: Incoming shot, outgoing shot…

Even more terrifying; We were upset, not outside!

Now they got up, they blame us, the fans! Why?

If the penalty we received is 1 Million, the cost of loss for the wrong transfer made by the administration is 100 Million!

Come on guys, let’s see: Is the damage to the fans bigger, the management?

Therefore, I am surprised and surprised by those who were not surprised at the arrival of Erkan Kamat…



We are in a difficult situation, but we are still hopeful.This is both honors us both hope.

alone that should be well known!

Whatever you may say , Bursaspor bottom, albeit at the top, though, Turkey

team that is always on top of the…

We have always been the most privileged on the basis of fans.

We fill the bleachers one heart good days and bad days.

such rare!

not every brave mortar in this case …

Turkey has in 4-5 to that team of his city loyal supporters. Just like our neighbors Eskişehir,


Today Bursaspor (nevertheless, God forbid), even if it is in the amateur cluster and the stadium is admitted, we are again,

No matter what happens, we will be 20-25 thousand fans.

So let them pass these bullshit.

We don’t have a fan base problem.

Fans love their club very much! Net!



When we had no other choice, we turned to young people. Well done!

Because they are all diamonds. They are very successful and we want them to continue their success


We warn them as brothers…

They should not be spoiled too much!

When the time comes, we pamper them!

I would like to make a call on the occasion of this interview.

Please let our fans buy products from the stores, congress members. pay your dues so that if there is a little

in the soup, we have salt…


Unfortunately, after our Champion in 2010, the fans were there was spoiling.

Although good things were done with the choreography and visuals, we suffered erosion

in the grandstand ambience and putting pressure on the opponent. Tribune leaders must find a solution to this.



What should be done now? We need to target the play-of in the first place. If we can open the second half board from the play-of and transfer 2-3

points and we have a chance to get out of the play of, let’s go to the end …

Let’s wait for two, three years if necessary.

There is nothing else to do but take care of the children!

Because I am saying again: This debt is not us, but the incoming administrations.

But the most Ultimately, the management does not have a magic wand.

And if there is financial power to a certain extent…

If there is ‘I put my heart and my money into a job and save Bursaspor ” Someone will say , we are already

members of the congress we vote as Yes and we will support whatever we need until the end.

Because we have We would like to see a good management and a good Bursaspor .



Never Nobody should be offended or offended, but those who will come to the head from now on, first consider it

well, do they suit this seat?

Take a look at the old governments. They will see that the names such as Hüseyin Silahçı (his current situation was bad…), Fikret

Üstenci, Remzi Cinoğlu were even different to sit up and stand up!

For example Levent Kizil…

In short, as I said: These Men were good on the Chair and the fans respected them.

Ha! Speaking of fans and respect,

, for example, a fan should not call the president. Let the tribune leader, cheerleader, congress member, it’s a separate issue.

But a cursory, ordinary fan shouldn’t call a casual club president!

Who wants to understand already understands what I mean…

{ 2}



Our biggest problem is that Bursaspor has a strong we could not find a sponsor.

It will neither save our stadium nor our club ..

When we look at some teams, we see that there are names such as Atiker on the teams.

However, this situation is different in Bursa! {1 }

Somehow Bursaspor does not want another name to come in front of it.

Okay, we do not want it, but it is not better to be a champion with a name that exists in front of us rather than being at the bottom

? {1 }

If we say yes to this I am sure that there may be powerful banks, companies,

institutions etc. that will come in front of Bursaspor and pay 3-5 million dollars…

No! Our fans react immediately to this.

I think it’s wrong! Especially right now, we need such a name and a step very much.


We, as fans, are always with Bursaspor, and never owned.

Bursa’s leading businessmen, please take action now and claim the only team of Bursa.

Who is Ersel Bal?

I was born in Gemlik in 1969…

I grew up alone from the age of 14, 15 ..

In those years, our friend Ersel Agaçe had a group

who was very familiar with Bursaspor tribunes of 40, 50 people.

It was a must of those times to meet the away teams, in other words, to sleep in the morning.

We had many friends who left us, I wish God’s mercy on all of them again.

As I said, I grew up without my family and our group of friends at the time that connected me to life and

It was a love of Bursaspor .. I am glad that I made such friendships and fell in love with green and white colors ..

I want to keep the brotherhood and friendships we lived in those days as long as I could ..

The first match I went to was a feast when I was 7 years old.

I did not come on my father’s shoulder, but now most of my brothers and friends know my son, Pablo (Haktan), whom I think is at least as much a fan of Bursaspor as I do

on my shoulders at every opportunity

{ 2} taking me ..

Finally, my name and father were deceased back then. i Ersel Altıparmak gave me a lot of effort, I was an apprentice in his shop (in the Passage of Burç

) and earned my pocket money ..

This love has managed to keep most of us together and is the biggest factor that instilled urban nationalism in us…

Regarding the current situation of Bursaspor;

This situation is completely administrative!

There are no people who will be under this burden.

Nobody who sees the debt does not approach and everyone is trying to pull it down. works.

In this community, people such as (deceased) lieutenant Abdülkerim Bayraktar, Muharrem Alp Fuat Türksever,

Adnan Yazık, Salih Altıntaş, Çetin Kitap can be taken as examples in the name of Bursaspor.

Listen to what is said. but don’t believe everyone!

Because sometimes crowds can do it wrong too. So don’t get caught up in every crowd.

Do not do things that you do not want done to yourself to your own color stones, to your supporters.

The most beneficial things you can do for Bursaspor are cheering, congress dues and buying products from the store.

We wish everyone a healthy and happy year in which Bursaspor will rise again.


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