December 6, 2023
Erdogan from Batman called his uncle! Erdogan from Batman called his uncle!

Erdogan from Batman called his uncle!

In Batman, Mina Türe, 7, with Neurofibroma (NF1), asked for help from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whom she called ‘Uncle’.

Seyithan Çetin (Sonsöz Newspaper) {2 }

Seven-year-old Mina, whom we visited in their house near Beşevler Mahallesi Komando Caddesi Yeşil Mar in Batman, asked for help from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, whom he called out “Uncle”. Saying that she wanted to return her face to normal and play games with her friends, Mina Türe said, “I cannot go to my friends. I want the swelling on my face to go away. Uncle Erdogan, can you help me? ”


In Batman, Mina, the youngest child of the Türe family with 3 children, started to have swelling on her face 5 years ago. The mass, which grew over time, worried their family. Baba Seyithan Türe, who worked as a canteen in different schools last year but was unemployed this year, took his daughter to hospitals in Ankara and Istanbul. In the examinations, Mina was diagnosed with NF1 disease.

While the illness without treatment dragged the family into pessimism, in 2020, the medicine for this disease was found in America. Türe Family was disappointed for the second time because it could not supply the selumetinib (2 × 25 ml) drug, which was put on the market for 5 million TL.


Mina’s father, Seyithan Türe, said, “If we had the opportunity, we would never call for help” and said, “My only wish is to provide this medicine to my daughter and treat the disease. After the drug supply, the mass will decrease by 80 percent. Then, that mass will be taken with an operation, ”he said. The family can be reached on 0543 273 47 59.

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