December 5, 2023
Energy saving message from Kayseri Melikgazi Energy saving message from Kayseri Melikgazi

Energy saving message from Kayseri Melikgazi

Melikgazi Mayor of Kayseri, Dr. Mustafa Palancıoğlu, in his statement on January 11-18, due to Energy Efficiency and Saving Week, said, “The cheapest energy is the energy saved.”

Reminding that a work has been done to determine the roadmap on energy saving and the energy policy to be followed by the municipality, Kayseri Melikgazi Mayor Dr. Mustafa Palancıoğlu stated that as the municipality, energy-saving LED lamps are used in social facilities, service buildings, closed district market places, they realize time-adjusted lighting and that they are shown as an example of the municipality that produces its energy.

reminding President Dr. Mustafa Palancıoğlu stated that, as Melikgazi Municipality, they produce electricity from solar energy in the municipal service building and closed district market places, especially social facilities, and said, “We purchased electrical service vehicles. We obliged the buildings in Melikgazi to obtain an energy certificate. These are all a result of the importance we attach to the subject. In addition, each individual has to do their part in energy efficiency. We have to stop wasting energy individually, ”he said.

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