April 2, 2023
Employment with lavender for women in rural Mardin Employment with lavender for women in rural Mardin

Employment with lavender for women in rural Mardin

Lavender seedlings were planted in Ömerli district within the scope of the “Women Producing a World Project” supported by Mardin Metropolitan Municipality.

In order to provide employment support to disadvantaged families living in rural areas and having to earn a living with social assistance, Mardin Family Work and the Provincial Directorate of Social Services, presented to the Secretary General of the Dicle Development Agency within the framework of the 2019 SOGEP Program.

Approximately 86% grant of DİKA and Mardin Metropolitan Municipality, Ömerli Municipality, Derik “A World Producing Woman Project”, for which financial support was provided by the Municipality, Nusaybin District Governorate and Dargeçit Municipality, started to bear fruit.

With the participation of Mardin Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Murat Süzen, 15 lavender gardens were formed in Ömerli district on 17 decares seedlings were planted. Within the scope of the project, lavender seedlings will be planted in Artuklu, Dargeçit, Nusaybin, Ömerli and Derik districts on an area of ​​approximately one thousand decares.

With the project, it is planned to bring women in rural areas to employment by enabling them to become cooperatives. In these lavender gardens, it is aimed to grow organic crops and products with high brand value in agriculture.

Awareness will be created in the areas of product, business development, networking and partnership by providing access to the fund with financial support and loan support for the project. In addition, personal development and capacity building training programs will contribute to local development.

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