December 6, 2023
Employers motivate by ‘relieving stress’ Employers motivate by 'relieving stress'

Employers motivate by ‘relieving stress’

With COVID-19, which affected the whole world, business lifestyles have also changed. Employers turned to alternative methods to solve the problems of the workers.

B of RSA (IGF A) – can be seen in the first outbreak of cases in Turkey as of March 11, 2020 The transition to the home-working system has affected both employees and managers. Employees missed socializing at work and spending time with their friends. Employers also resorted to different practices in order to make their employees feel better in the face of the negative situation in business life.

Subconscious Specialist Lily Lale Yılmaz stated that employers started to work with subliminal techniques to increase the productivity and work potential of their employees, especially the loss of motivation of the employees. He said that because they could not socialize, it also brought troublesome situations.


Explaining that collective activities such as stress reduction and motivation increase have been carried out with subconscious methods in America and Europe for years to increase employee productivity, Yılmaz said, “ It is very pleasing that this order has started to be implemented. Scientific research has proven that when stress levels decrease and concentration increases, work efficiency increases by 52 percent. In our work, employees are collectively given stress relief sessions. Then, they are taught how to unload the accumulated daily sessions. We place codes in the subconscious on how to provide motivation, especially for home workers. In addition to these, we also teach the work that people will do for themselves. Therefore, the work efficiency is increasing compared to the past ”.

Emphasizing that getting rid of unhealthy thoughts formed in the subconscious is an effective solution, Yılmaz pointed out that employees go to work not only to earn money, but also to socialize, “Therefore, going to work was an important activity. However, it is also an important issue to balance the new situation we are in. At this point, we need to adapt our subconscious again to new conditions. Thanks to these studies that do not take long, both the person will continue their happy and healthy life, and they will be much more efficient and successful in the workplace ”.

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